Jupiter Beach

by The Peace Life

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Jack O’Connor – Guitar/ Vocals/ Drums/Percussion/Sax/Lyrics
Tessa O’Connor - Vocals/Lyrics

All songs written by The Peace Life

Michael Ramirez – Bass/Guitar/Keyboard
Jenna Haack - Keyboard

Recording and Mixing by Michael Ramirez
Audio Mastering by Bruce Templeton @ Microphonic Mastering

Cover Design by Jack and Tessa
Cover Painting by Tessa
Photography by Connor Stein

Produced by The Peace Life


released April 20, 2016

We made the songs and these people helped make this album possible. With gratitude to:

Jenna & Mike, Bruce, Connor, Ellen, Joanne & John, Earl & Pat, Kerry, Craig & Maritza, Destin & Peggy, Carolyn & Joe, Robert, Randy & Jessica, Rachel, Jim & Peggy, Bill & Connie, Amy & Andy, Sharon, Mary, Kevin & Lori, Connie, Courtney & Don, Karen, David & Elisa, John & Pam, Debbie & John, Bill & Theresa, Jim, Adam & Ashley, Denise & Keith, Mark, John, Lisa, Eileen & Keen, Mark & Melissa, Bob & Christine, Joe & Ruth, Barb & Leon, Pat & Tom, Joanne & Jim



all rights reserved


The Peace Life Minnesota

Writing and performing songs carrying the revolutionary message of love and empowerment.

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Track Name: Bubba's Pie Blues
Bluejay climbing Pine
train station in my mind
Dreams keep falling back
undone and cutting slack

Going to Gehenna
where times are getting better
Looking for my living soul
in there somewhere, this I know

The sun was low at noon
darkness was the sky
Chased away by the moon

The fog a rolling cloud
the tempest now untied
but Bubba got his pie

Badlands where I stand
shaking frozen hands
Rolling tire picks up speed
outside bigger than the in, it seems

Rattled from my rest
I tripped the hornet's nest
Present quick becomes the past
what will be will be, at last


Walking down the stairway
passing up the high pay
Bubba's got some good friends
who don't hear a word he sends

You were there and I was too
deciphering what's through and through
Far too easy, plain to see
all the trees done lost their leaves

Track Name: Awakening Vibration
Awakening Vibration
calling to the nation
No, nobody can hold us down

Awakening Vibration
calling to the nation
Can you hear that joyful sound?

How happy we'll be
when we all are free
Got to measure up now
got to let it be
It's time for love to spread
like the roots of a tree

Don't delay
move in this direction
Please don't stray
make your selection


I never get weary
just keep traveling on
Listening to my higher self
sending love from beyond
You're no better or worse
skipping stones on the pond

Open hands
shaking off the burden
Heed your friends
repeat what you heard then


Find yourself
remind yourself
that life is much too short
To be so condescending
when most people just need support

Got no time to battle now
for we are waging peace
To bring some understanding
and to make the fighting cease

Track Name: Ethenogen
Won't you help me be myself again?
Dose us up and let's transcend
What I see it always fits
faceless voices yelling "Quit!"

Some might take you for a spin
and end up with a ball of sin
But you're not here to only dance
and I'm not one to change my stance

Teach me how to feel with love
long after all the shock's worn off
I won't forget the sacred micro-seconds
of our kindness flow

Multi-colored, liquid sun
burning long for everyone
One taste and you know for sure
she's the one who's heart is pure

Lightly tripping through the night
losing any urge to fight
Whispers turn to laughter chimes
heralding of merry times
Track Name: Stock Tips
Thinking that a diamond ring'll keep you warm
all the money in the world won't calm the storm
Putting all your hopes into a bank account

A soul is worth more than any earthly amount
a number higher than any person could count
The tax man's coming with a wrench or two

Invest in people
reach out your hand
A feeling is growing
all over the land
wherever you're going
wherever you stand

Invest in people
then you'll understand
that trusting in each other
is the master plan

Gold bricks falling down on top of your head
a stack of bills make you with that you were dead
Until they come knockin' around your grave

You keep on spending and you barely save
your worldview is strictly concave
An animated skeleton just dancing in a royal parade


I've been waiting
I've been waiting
I've been waiting for the change
The streets are full of deranged
desperate and strange

Men of no class
your neighbor harasses
A farce is in charge
and financing your time

Sharks swimming in a sunken wreck
your captain clinging to the wheel on the deck
Carpetbaggers cashing in on your misery

Getting by has become status quo
it takes everyone, more than we know
Before liberty is nothing more than history

Track Name: Sweet Spain
Ashes and rainbows
are on the same coin-side
when you can't remember your dreams
That's why I hold on to these visions
of sweet, sweet Spain

Come call me over
the silence consuming
stretched out like leaves on the ground
When will I know you?
Before we can start again

Oh, Sweet Spain
let me fly over your borders
Oh, Sweet Spain
like a home-bound refugee
Home again
Oh, I've seen so much of this old world
and how I long to look on Sweet Spain

Alive in the moment
that is for certain
untouched by rust or decay
Breathing in starshine
greeted like a trusted friend

Dancing on mountains
there's no need to worry
gravity's coming untied
Esto es el paraiso
aqui quiero quedarme
Track Name: How to Survive a Dust Bowl
If light is faster than sound
read to see what you hear
Is there ever enough?
Is the path ahead clear?

Endless characters cast
in an ocean of bliss
Disarming the traps
then sealed with a kiss

Though the struggle is real
if you know it or not
Just be thankful for all you've got

Many people can't face the day
Another hour goes past your eye
some people don't listen to a word they say

Frozen piles of trash
trying to get in the way
Do you take credit or cash?
Made up prices to pay

There's panic and there's alarm
but you shouldn't be scared
There's no harm in being prepared

Though the struggle is real
if you know if or not
Just be thankful for all you've got


Supplies keep running low
there's no place left to go
Distress is in the air
21st-century class warfare

The kids are in the street
accepting no defeat
I've got my love to keep me warm
this love runs deep